Saturday, October 6, 2012

Wash Day

Products Enlisted and Process:

1. Pre-pooed with a mixture of conditioners Vitamin World's extra virgin coconut oil, and liquid vitamin. I applied the mix to my scalp and the length of my hair, paying close attention to my ends. I then put my hair into four plaits and covered it with a plastic cap for an hour and half.  
*This pre-poo session took a little more than an hour to do because I sectioned my hair into four and had to detangle each section before I proceeded to thoroughly applying the mix to my roots then the length of my hair. Plus, I'm really slow, and I didn't want to cause any breakage.*

2. I shampooed with Cantu shea butter moisturizing cream shampoo twice.  After this my hair felt quenched, for lack of a better word. Granted, my pre-poo step made my hair feel moisturized, but after using this shampoo my hair felt even better...soo soft!

3. Aphogee Two Step Protein Treatment: this step wasn't part of the original plan, but after I shampooed and was playing in my hair because of how soft it was lol, a strand came out, now this isn't enough to call for a protein treatment and I almost didn't. This is because I first thought this hair was a shed hair because it was soooo long, but after close inspection I realized that it was broken. I couldn't have anymore of this!

*I absolutely detest this step because it's so sticky and mess, not to mention the smell ugh. Imma be a big girl and suck it up tho."

4. Deep Conditioned with Every Strand Aloe Vera Treatment: Deep Conditioning Hair Cream. Applied it the same way I did my pre-poo, then covered with my plastic cap for an two and a half hours (mainly cause I was pulling out my baby bro's hair and he wouldn't sit still.

5. After my final rinse, I sealed in the moisture with EVCO then finger parted my hair and twisted it.

This wash day was mostly about inducing moisture into my hair, yes I have been moisturizing and sealing faithfully, but I soon realized how inadequate my moisturizer was (more to come on this later). All in all I'm pleased with how the wash went.

Belle Moi

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