Saturday, February 2, 2013

Digging my Hair!

All week long I have had to force myself not to play with my hair, but it's just sooo hard when it feels so GOOD! I don't know what it is, but it's just soft. Apart from trimming, the only thing I did differently this past wash day was an hot-oil treatment, which I haven't done in awhile. I guess my hair is just responding to all the moisturizing products I use. I also can't deny that moisturizing and sealing more consistently has been beneficial.

However, I noticed that I couldn't feel just how soft my hair was until after I had trimmed. I therefore cannot deny how beneficial it is to know and understand what your hair is saying to you, and to also follow through.
 I am usually on my game when it came to my ends, each relaxer I would either ask for a trim or asked my hairdresser how my ends looked to determine whether I needed a light dusting. For some reason I fought tooth and nail with myself during my last relaxer, and I ended up having to re-visit the salon anyway; wasting unnecessary money.

On a different note...

January flew by so quickly, I lost track of how long I had my hair in the plaits that I had put in. I had to reassure myself that I only had them in for two weeks. smh. Anyway, the protective styling challenge I am participating in is going well. Although I haven't been creative in styling my hair, I'm not beating myself up, after all, the less I manipulate my hair the better.

Belle Moi

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  1. That last line - GOLDEN! I think a lot of ladies are feeling down because they haven't been super creative but just like you said, the less manipulation the better!