Saturday, November 2, 2013

Wash Day

On Wednesday I got up and began working in four sections, detangled my hair and applied Kanechom conditioner to the length of my hair paying close attention to my roots and ends. It took me forever to this(at least it felt that way). I then put a plastic bag on, tied my scarf on top of that and got lost in my home work/ studying/wasting time; it was night before I realized, and I have no recollection of what time I grabbed my cantu shea butter moisturizing shampoo diluted with water in a spray bottle to make application to my scalp and root easier, and hydrating macadamia oil conditioner.

When I got out the shower I covered my hair with a shirt and went back to work. When my hair was probably about 80% dry I took the t-shirt off and fell in love with my hair! It was super soft, but my new growth still gave me some issues when I tried getting through it. I moisturized and put it into four braids so I could get curls to work with the next day...

...Next day hair was a big flop! hahahaha my new growth is trynna kick my butt at 19 weeks post; fighting hard not to let it. Game plan moving forward (as I have no plans to relax until December) is to try and get a cowash or some sort of faux steaming method into play to help make my new growth play nicer!

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