Sunday, October 14, 2012

Today's Wash

 On the eve (well almost eve) of my eighth week post relaxer, I decided to do another wash before re-plaiting my hair and placing my ends in the witness protection program this is what ensued:
I took hours trying comb out my hair, trying to get as much of the curls, and tangles as I could without causing any damage. I was getting annoyed, but kept a level head. I then:

1.Pre-pooed with a mix of conditioners and liquid vitamin for well over two hours. (My mind is on a million different things). I didn't really like the way my hair felt this session. I might have to change up what I use to do this step next wash.

2. Lathered twice with Cantu Shea butter moisturizing cream shampoo.

3. Did my first ever black tea rinse. Wasn't in the shower so this was a bit tricky (messy).

4. Deep conditioned with Soft Sheen Carson's Roots of Nature Shea Butter Green Tea Reconstructing Deep Treatment for an hour or so. 

Overall: My hair felt soft, but my edges are no joke! They simply Refuse to be moisturized. It seems to laugh at my attempts. I lost too much hair to breakage when I detangled prior to pre-pooing.
I need to find a way to wash my hair that prevents the excessive tangling/matting or whatever it is  that occurs because it is a pain to comb through even with the right product.
Moisturizing and sealing nightly has been good to me, but I need to find a superb moisturizer to stick with.
The areas of my nape that are now extremely short are growing, but combing it seems to make the relaxed sections break. This section obviously needs different attention; I need to figure out just what that is.

Belle Moi

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