Thursday, November 1, 2012

Hair Intention:Last Month's recap and November Edition

October's recap:
  • Take Vitamin E, and Omega Three fish oil daily.-with the exception of about a week and a half, I pretty much accomplished this goal.
  • Increase water intake (I'm usually an avid drinker of water but frequent trips to the bathroom made me cut back drastically). I tried to implement a drastic change which I could not do so I call this one a pass/fail.
  • Air drying only. Passed
  • Moisturize and seal nightly. I started off beautifully, then one week it all went downhill
November Intentions:
  • Become consistent with taking Vitamin E, and Omega Three fish oil daily.
  • Take Silica for Hair, Bones, and Nails daily.
  • Moisturize and Seal more consistently.
  • Work on STRENGTHENING Hair!

Belle Moi

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