Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Protective Styling: Love It!

  L4L protective styling challenge

Living in an area where it snows, I am very conscious of the effects that the cold has on my hair. As a result, I bun whenever I feel it getting cold. I love buns, LOVE EM! In fact, any up-do that slenderizes my face is okay by me. If I have to hide my hair in a bun for a few months I have no problem with it because I know that it will be worth it in the end.

It was therefore no surprise that when I saw that Ebony C. Princess over on http://longing4length.com/ will be hosting a protective styling challenge that will run from January 7-April 15, that I would be joining! I can't wait to be inspired and for my hair to reap all the benefits!

Here is my starting point

You can't really tell, but I'm arm pit length; won't claim it just yet though.


  1. YAY! And girl I know alllll about being close but not able to claim...le sigh! lol. Thanks for joining, looking forward to seeing your progress!