Thursday, January 10, 2013


When will I get the hang of this balancing act?

 Here I was thinking I had it figured out; I knew I was having an imbalance,but I thought I was having a minor protein overload because of the protein based moisturizer I was using (not sure this is possible). While untangling my hair to tuck it away for the night, I noticed some breakage, (albeit minor). Nevertheless, I wanted to cry. I hate when my hair breaks or sheds. Anyway, I gathered the hairs to do a wet assessment test. I had to remind myself not to tug too hardly. At first I thought mmm it seems I'm in balance. However, when I repeated it twice more with just a bit more pressure, I realized that the middle section of the hairs curled. 

That got me thinking, I must have moisture overload.After all, the readings that i have done indicates that excessive stretching before eventual breakage or no breakage means moisture overload. Now I'm thinking I need to do a protein treatment (even though I  have one planned for my upcoming wash).

My question is, when? When will I figure out this important balance? When will I begin to understand the messages that my hair is trying to send me? When will I figure out what the "perfect" products for my tresses are?

I hate not knowing, it's killing me :(

Belle Moi

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