Thursday, January 3, 2013


So after the chaos that was my hair, I decided to go to the salon for a relaxer. At one week shy of five months post, my new growth was kickin! The stylist had use her hands instead of the brush to part my hair and apply the relaxer. Each time she pulled my hair apart I winced a little; It was by far my worst experience to date. And to top it off the way she combed my hair was pissing me off! I saw so much hair leaving my head I wanted to cry.

For some reason my ends are looking thin, even though I know they aren't. I kinda feel like it has something to do with the mix of products she used plus the ones I used to moisturize and seal. Anyway, I managed to retain some of my length, I am officially at arm pit length, but I will not claim it just yet; I will wait until my next relaxer and trim.

I hate the fact that my hair clings to itself so much, it's making me worry just looking at these pictures, to be on the safe side I will take more pictures soon to ensure that my ends are still healthy.

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