Wednesday, January 2, 2013


After washing my hair on Sunday night I decided to let it air dry because I was not interested in sitting under a dryer, after it dried for awhile I tied it with my scarf and snuggled in for the night. On Monday when I took the scarf off I wanted to CRY!!!

The ends of my hair wrapped around my hair and it matted in some weird sort of way! I WANTED TO CRY, SCREAM, SHAVE MY HAIR OFF!  I was so traumatized! It took hours of finger combing to get my hair decent again. I have no idea why it happened and will do everything in my power to prevent it from ever happening again.

That was by far the worst experience I've had with my hair ever, and I've had some really horrible experiences.

I decided on the spot that for the time being, five month stretches are out of the cards and i will only be doing three months stretches until I master it then I will move on to longer stretches. I had to cut my stretch and relax one week shy of five months. Pics and post will follow soon.

Belle Moi

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