Sunday, December 30, 2012


It was not too long ago that I stated in this post that I wanted to stretch for four months, however, due to the fact that I joined a challenge, it was extended to five months! (Or at least it will be on the 8th of January).  I have stretched for months at a time, but I believe this is my longest to date!

I honestly cannot wait to relaxer and see what has happened to my hair! I hope I can claim some retention, because I'm genuinely tired of not seeing any retention, especially because I am addicted to getting a trim after each touch-up because I am afraid to get split ends and have jacked up ends.

I took my braids down, and it literally took all weekend! I started after work on Thursday, which was around midnight, stayed at it for around two-three hours; Friday morning I started at 8:05 and continued straight until 9:30! And I still wasn't done! Woke up Saturday, and was only able to take down a few before work. I was so perplexed as to what to do with my hair, then inspiration struck!

Got home Saturday night and after stuffing my tum tum I picked up where I left off. It took me another two and a half  hours! What can I say? I'm a snail when it comes to taking down my hair.

I saturated my hair with a mix of EVOO and eucalyptus, placed a plastic over it, tied it with my scarf then when to bed. 13 hours later I decided to start on curling my hair with my fingers then followed up with my comb. This excruciating exercise lasted a few hours. I then washed. Nothing fancy, and apparently not well. Everything wasn't in place so I'm trying to get over it.

Belle Moi!  

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