Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Enough already.

Yesterday, I just sat down and began to take down my braids. After waking up that morning to hair that felt like I hadn't moisturized in days despite the fact that I did the night before, I think I reached my breaking point. In all honesty I haven't been feeling my braids for awhile, but was unsure if I should take them out even though I hated the way my scalp felt in some places. I made it to a month this past Sunday which is good I suppose. After washing my hair which I should be washing it within the next couple of days (should be fun lol) I'm going to do it into two braids. 
For now I'm wearing my hair in two curly bun type things.

Amazed at how clean my roots are after a month of being in those braids. My little experiment worked well yay! Really loving this challenge and can't wait to see my results.

Belle Moi.


  1. I can't wait to see your results either!


    1. Thank you, you're always so kind and motivating =)