Sunday, March 24, 2013

Wash Day/Set Back?

I had the most horrible wash day experience of my journey thus far, I hope to never again have one of those.
On Thursday I decided to detangle and section my hair into four. I saturated my hair with EVOO to help take the curls out and make the process easier. I was being as gentle as I possibly could, (or I thought I was) but I ended up losing way more hair than I was comfortable with as pictured below.

        I figured my hair was in desperate need of moisture so I decided to use conditioner as my prepoo. After saturating my hair, tying a plastic bag over, and then my scarf, I went to exercise. I spent over two hours exercising and decided that instead of dealing with all the hassle that night I would wash early the next morning (Read bad idea). My scalp itched like mad in the middle of the night, I could hardly sleep.  When I got up on Friday I took the scarf and bag off to let my hair cool down before stepping into the shower to wash.
          I took the first plait down and began to rinse the conditioner out when I realized I had a massive tangle. I was flabbergasted! I had no idea how it happened. I stood in the shower trying my best to work it out, and to my credit I got a good amount of it out after awhile. After about a good 5 minutes I got the bright idea that a clarifying shampoo might help (I thought dirt was my problem), it's no surprise that this didn't help my cause and after about twenty minutes I rinsed the shampoo from my hair and got out of the shower. I went back into my room and spent over an hour trying to get the knot out to no avail. I even tried using my baby bro's just for me detangler lol, that didn't help. The thought that I might have to cut it out had me shaking with sadness and fear. I was contemplating whether or not to cut it out when it was suggested that I wait for my cousin to get home from school. It took her awhile and I lost some length, but it's less that I would have lost if I had used the scissors so... 
 This is a picture of the knot, not the clearest, but the best I could do. The tangle was dangerously close to my root (shudders). 

The amount of hair I lost after my cousin got it out.

Even though I wanted to cry because it seemed all my progress over the past couple months was finding it's way off my head, I breathed deeply and continued with my wash day.  The accompanying picture is the hair I lost after the entire process and thoroughly detangling.

Needless to say that I am NOT happy with the amount of hair I lost. Now I have more sections in my nape that I have to concentrate on regrowing sigh... Nobody said this would be easy.

Belle Moi


  1. Oh no! I almost cried looking at the clump of hair in your hand. :'(
    It reminds me of the one and only time I had microbraids for about 3 months straight. My mistake was not spending the time detangling before shampooing (I didnt know better) and I ended up with a knot really close to my scalp. I decided not to cut it either I just kept trying to comb and brush it out and adding moisturizer. I lost a lot of hair just like you and my hair is already not very thick. I cried and cried and cried. I am so sorry that you had such a bad wash experience. I wonder how this happened... :(

    1. Thanks Andrea, it really is sad that either of us went through this; Losing so much hair and being unable to stop it smh. My only assumption at this time is that my scratching during the night caused it to clump together.

  2. Oh no chica! Wash day catastrophe! I'm sure that your next wash day will be 100x better than this one. Never forget that setbacks are only setups for greatness.


    1. Indeed it was! Thanks for your encouraging words.