Thursday, March 28, 2013

Cowash Day

       After my last wash day, my hair felt extremely hard from the protein treatment, even though I used a moisturizing deep conditioner. So Tuesday night I decided to try and infuse moisture back into my hair by co-washing. I saturated my hair with my every strand deep conditioner, tied it with a plastic bag, and then with my scarf. I laid down because I was feeling ill and before I knew it I was waking up exactly an hour after I had tied my hair up. After cooling off I jumped in the shower and rinsed out; I then used my Cantu Shea butter moisturizing rinse out conditioner. My 90% air dried hair felt soft, so I moisturized and sealed then placed it into a low bun with a side swept bang and went to sleep. The next day I just re-fluffed my bun and went to work.

        It wasn't until late Wednesday night when I realized my hair stiff, and hard. I had to place extra effort into detangling. My hair was and is still feeling stiff, like it has been in the dessert for days without water. I'm at a loss right now. I have got to get my hair feeling moisturized and soft again.

Belle Moi


  1. A lot of ladies experience dryness after relaxing. Especially if you use a no-lye kit. Try shampooing with a chelating poo to remove the mineral deposits that the relaxer cream leaves behind, then follow up with a deep condition with heat.

    1. My bad, I didn't realize I wrote relaxer until I saw your comment, I meant wash day. I am still grateful to learn, so thank you for letting me know this.