Sunday, March 31, 2013

Wash Day

This wash day was laid back and less hassling; no jumping in and out of the shower. I finger detangled my hair, then parted it into four sections. I then oiled each section with coconut oil and detangled with my large tooth comb and placed my hair into four plaits.No idea how long this prepoo lasted as I sat around for awhile before placing a plastic bag on my head, sat around for a little bit, then tied my scarf over the bag and exercised.

It took forever washing in the sections, but I wouldn't change anything. In all honesty I should do this more often than I currently am. Any way...
  • I shampooed each section twice with my Cantu Shea Butter moisturizing cream shampoo.
  • I followed this up with a black tea rinse because I realized that I am shedding, and even though it's not a lot, it's more than I like. I allowed this to sit for five minutes.
  • I saturated each section with warm water to alleviate some of the stiffness then applied my Cant Shea Butter moisturizing conditioner.
  • I then poured my ACV rinse on my head and showered. I let the water flow over my tresses for a few seconds after this.

         Right now my hair feels soooo soft and reinforced.
It was a simply, but lengthy process. I squeezed  the excess moisture from my hair then placed a t-shirt over it and left it that way.
 I will tie it with my scarf and retire to bed, I'll deal with everything else in the morning.

Belle Moi


  1. I've started washing in sections as well. I hate how long it takes but it helps with detangling and I've seen a huge reduction in the amount of hair I lose from detangling during my wash. It's worth the effort for sure.

  2. It truly is, I just need to be consistent with it. Thanks for reading.