Tuesday, April 2, 2013

My Random Thoughts

After repeating the same process pretty much every wash day, I think I have pretty much established a regimen and as such, I have made a tab for it.

I pretty much ran out of all three of my deep conditioners, one of which I am absolutely positive I will be repurchasing. I am also going to be on the look out for a reliable protein based deep condish. 
I need to repurchase my Cantu Shea butter shampoo and conditioner because my hair loves them at this point in time.

Even though I love my Cantu shea butter leave in, I was searching for a water based moisturizer. last week a bought a Kera Care Conditioning Creme Hairdress at the recommendation of a stylist. I don't know anything about this product, but the ingredients that I could recognize sold me. I may be at fault with how much I apply, but it has made my hair feel oily.  Last time I buy anything without reading up on it first. I won't toss it aside yet though. My hair is excessively thick right now and is literally gulping down all moisture placed on it, so I'll wait before I decide what to with it.

Relaxer day is quickly approaching, and I have already decided that I will be blowing my roots on my next wash day to ensure that my root isn't too compact for the hair dresser to handle.

Even though it may be hard to fathom, after I'm done with this protective styling challenge I will be going on a personal hide your hair challenge for the rest of the year. I need to regrow my nape desperately, and the reduced manipulation will help to both regrow and strengthen this section.  The length retention that I will undoubtedly get from this if done correctly is also an enticing factor. I will be working out exactly how I want it to go and post about it soon.

Belle Moi

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