Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Relaxer touch-up

For the first time in the almost two years since I've been relaxing my hair I decided to end my 14 week stretch with an in home touch-up. It was indeed a learning experience. I parted my hair in four, based my scalp with Vaseline, and ensured that I coated my hat hair with it as well. I decided to start at the front because my nape is in a compromised state, and I really didn't trust myself to do it in any case.

It didn't take too long for the area where I first put the relaxer in to start burning, because I decided that I would try and do my entire head all at once instead of doing the whole process for each  section individually. I also decided that I wouldn't spend the time to smooth, although I kinda smoothed the first  area that I applied the relaxer to while my cousin was applying it to the back.The result?

My nape and most of the right side of my edges took the relaxer well, while portions of my head still has puffy roots. I have different levels of relaxed state throughout my head. I'm writing this post while sitting under the dryer as a welcome distraction from the twelve page paper I have to do. I have no idea, how my hair is going to look or if I will suffer any setbacks from this novel attempt on my part. I am unbelievable calm and not at all worried, I hope I can remain this way and that my hair does not suffer.

Belle Moi

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