Sunday, March 3, 2013

L4LPSC second update

The month of February went okay for me. I wore my hair in two braids until two weeks ago when I got braids installed. It got increasingly difficult to tuck my ends the way that I wanted because each time I washed I was experiencing shrinkage, especially at my nape (rolls eye) I thought I was done with that.

I haven't worn my hair out once yet, but this is nothing new to me as my hair is always hidden either by buns, or hats during the cold months to be honest, my hair is up and tucked majority of the time. Can't style my hair to save my life and I can't find the time to start practicing just yet. I'm doing my best to keep my hair moisturized and sealed while in these braids.

After seeing Ebony's gorgeous Diana Ross wig, I was in hair heaven and followed the link to the site, unfortunately, those prices are way to steep for this working college girl so I made a quick visit to a wig store to see if anything appealed to me and will definitely be going back.

That's all folks.

Belle Moi


  1. Girl, I feel you about the prices! I was saving steadily before they contacted me so I could purchase the hair for the summer, lol! Great update - you may make the whole challenge without any "down" days!

  2. Awesome update! It's amazing how you fight temptation not to use heat or wear your hair down!

  3. Thanks guys! @ Ebony CPrincess,glad to see I'm not the only one who would have to save for a while before purchasing from their site lol. That's what I'm shooting for. @ KLP, for me heat is not really a temptation, it always makes me feel uncomfortable. I even hate sitting under the dryer lol. As for wearing my hair down, I usually only do it after a fresh relaxer or really good wash where it's bouncy lol.