Friday, June 28, 2013


Warning: This is a long post.

I mentioned in the last two posts that I need a trim and today an opportunity presented itself so I decided to take advantage. I thought the price of $22 to wash and trim was reasonable and felt comfortable that the the stylist would listen to my request. When I sat in her chair she asked if I wanted her to take off the bare minimum or if she should cut what needed to be cut. My response was to take some hair between my fingers to show her how much I was willing to lose, she interpreted that as the bare minimum.

She began by washing my hair with a clarifying shampoo; even though she scrubbed my hair in the trademark way of stylists, I wasn't really worried because, well, it felt nice lol. When she sat me down for the trim I did what I thought was a good job of paying attention to how much hair she was cutting off, and felt comfortable with what I was seeing so I relaxed. I went so far as to consider returning for future trims.

It slips my mind what she said that prompted me to ask "you are going to dry my hair aren't you?" Her response literally floored me, she said that $22 got me a wash and trim, and that if I wanted to be dried it would be $32. I found this ridiculous cause who has ever heard of anyone going to the hair dresser to get a wash and trim only to leave looking like a wet rag doll??? Anyway, she was kind enough to dry my hair, but the rubbish about not drying my hair changed my mind about any future appointments.

Back at her booth, when she got done drying my hair I didn't like how my ends looked, but decided that looked dry and unkempt because of how my hair was dried (she set me under the dryer with my hair loose to soak up the excess water the used the blow dryer to finish the job). She told me that I needed to moisturize my ends because the were dry and I agreed wholeheartedly that they did look dry. As soon as I stepped out of the salon my friend immediately told me that the stylist did a shoddy job, that it was still uneven and didn't look like anything was done to it (my hair was in a plait with the ends tucked in at this point) so I decided to let my hair down so she could get a better look and she became greatly ticked off. She then asked various coworkers what they thought of my hair and they all agreed that the stylist did a shoddy job, because not one of them could believe that I had just gotten my hair trimmed.

I ended up buying a pair of scissors at the beauty supply store and going over to my friends house so she could even out my ends. Now I'm able to glide my fingers through my hair with out it getting stuck, for that I'm ecstatic. However, I lost a few inches, not to my friend, because she barely took anything off, but to the stylist. I am no longer at armpit length, I am now at full shoulder length once more (cue big ass sigh), anyway, even though I'm mad that I had a setback at the hands of a stylist, I'm glad my ends are healthy. My focus going forward is to keep my hair, especially the ends, properly moisturized and sealed, because I am determined to be below armpit with healthy ends come year end.

Belle Moi. 


  1. My last hairdresser did that thing where they made you pay to do every. single. thing. lol so that meant when I relaxed my hair I had to pay extra to wash and set it or else I would be walking out the door with wet hair! I did not mind as I knew from up front, the first day I went to her she explained how they charge.

    You will bounce back, there is still 6 months in the year left so you can be back at APL by then :)

    1. That is just ridiculous! How do they come up with these things, lol smh. Thanks for the words of encouragement.

  2. Its hard to let go of length but your hair will grow back thicker and healthier in no time, don't sweat it.

    1. :0) Thanks for the words of encouragement.