Thursday, August 1, 2013

July Recap and August Goals

July Recap
  • Exercise 2-3 times a week- did not go as planned at all; I did manage to get a few days of exercise under my belt though.
  • Keep Hair moisturized-I stayed on top of my moisturizing game, but my hair was not feeling my efforts as my hair felt dry if I attempted to go a day without moisturizing.
  • Take my supplements daily- with the exception of one or two days this goal was a success.
  • Increase my water consumption from two bottles to three-a few times I didn't really make this, but I did it more than 90% of the time so I thereby deem this one a success.
  • Increase my intake of fruits and veggies- I'm gonna go ahead and deem this one a success because I consumed more fruit in July than i have in a while.
  • Use my JBCO mix on my roots every other night- I'm declaring this one a pass fail. The first week was a bust, the second week I used it four nights in a row so that I would technically make my goal, Don't remember what happened in third week, but I know i used it; the final week however went according to plan.
  • Deep condition with heat weekly-Major success!!! Lol, only because I am extremely proud of myself for sitting under the dryer in the heat whew!!!
August Goals
Same as July's, in addition I would like to start taking better care of my skin, I'm breaking out and don't know why.