Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Where I've been

So I've been MIA for a while because my computer and I were not on speaking terms for the longest time. My battery was basically done for and the last time I tried to plug my charger into the laptop I saw sparks; suffice it to say that was the end of that. I now have a new battery and charger so I'm now back online.

What I've been up to...
 I'm now 9 weeks post, and I've been doing my best to keep it properly moisturized, and to be honest, some days are better than others in that regard. Two weeks back i got fed up with my ends and went for another trim. I really didn't want to, but it was extremely necessary if I didn't want to cause unnecessary damage to my strands. After this I got chunky Havana Twists installed and I've had them in ever since. I gotta say, I'm in love with them and will be reinstalling  after I remove this current set.

I found that keep my hair moisturized with these size twists is a problem as it becomes frizzy rather quickly. I even picked up a braid moisturizer but it doesn't keep my hair hair moisturized for long at all. I really need to get a spray moisturizer that is good to me.

I've been trying to stay on top of my goals, but I haven't done a good job. It's so ridiculous how my brain works, if I miss one day I'm officially doomed smh.

That's all for now...

Belle Moi