Wednesday, November 27, 2013


This is Super late, because I've been busy, didn't make any plans for this week, but here's a recap of last week's:
  • Seeing that my hair is loving the co-wash,  I'll be shooting to do it between two to three times.- I got two cowashes in. Score!
  • Time to push myself further and shoot for at least three bottles of water per day. Once upon a time this was no problem; I want to go back to that time.- I drank three bottles maybe once or twice, the rest of the time I got two.
  •  Scalp massage with oil mix every other day.-Passed!
  •  Eat salad everyday.-Passed!
  • Moisturize and seal as needed.- Epic Fail.

As I type this post I'm finger detangling getting ready to wash and prep my hair for next week's relaxer. I'll be six months post, and even though I'm not ready to relax, I'm over the different textures and the epic tangles that come with it.

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