Thursday, November 21, 2013


Clarifying is your friend-My hair has been feeling off, so I decided to clarify to remove what build up I might have. My hair did not feel stripped, but soft!!! Now, I know it's not the shampoo because I've used it countless times before, so it must be something that I've been doing lately, clarifying just allowed me to enjoy it more.

Spray bottles are AMAZEBALLS- For a while now I've been using a mixture of shampoo and water in a spray bottle to make application to my scalp and roots easier, and let me tell you this has helped me a lot! This is definitely here to stay.

Kanechom is the business- My hair is the smoothest it's been in a long time. No joke! And, it's been feeling stronger too. (Possible review forthcoming).

My hair has been tangling so much recently, I need to finally invest in a good detangler. It's gotten to the point where my hair is snapping more than I would like to admit. Ok, I exaggerate a little, but I can't have my hair snapping for no good reason.

Itches have subsided-thanks to my scalp massages. Still need to get tea tree oil to add to the mix though.

 No to Tea/Coffee Rinses-Although it's been a while since I've done one, I'm still saying no to them. At least for now. Prevention is better than cure, but I just don't shed nearly enough to warrant doing it.

I'm in my 22nd week post relaxer, and although it has not been easy, it's not as bad as it could be and I'm enjoying learning about my hair. It's big and temperamental, but more-so now than before I've learned that PATIENCE IS KEY.

 It takes forever to detangle my hair! Especially now, I mostly finger detangle and it is no walk in the park smh.It's a long-term commitment that takes hours, I gotta admit it's worth it though.

Always ALWAYS detangle and secure hair after washing before turning in for the night, especially this far into a stretch. I was exhausted one night and tied up my hair without detangling or securing it and the next morning my hair was tangled and pasted to my scalp; not cool. lol. I used a head band and a a bobby pin to save the day. Never  again I tell you.

Still need to find a water based moisturizer- I love my Cantu Shea butter leave in, but, it's not really giving me what I'm looking for. My hair feels overly strong, but not too elastic.

My hair loves co-washing- I've been doing these regularly recently and my hair has felt soft. I might turn to co-washing more on a regular basis and not just for this far in a stretch.

I'm sure there's more, but my brain keeps forgetting what it is hahahahaha. I swear this forgetfulness is the iish!

Belle Moi!


  1. Girl I learned about detangling before bed no matter how tired your are the hard way also! It was a horror!

    1. I wanted to scream and cry so badly hahaha. I just had to breathe my way through and come up with a plan.