Saturday, November 16, 2013

Weekly goals: Last week's update and this week's intentions

 Last Week's goal's
  •  Do an hot oil treatment to combat the itches-PASS. Note to self, find an oil other than coconut todo your hot oil treatment with.
  •  Scalp massage with oil mix every other day
  •  Eat salad at least once a day-I'll give myself a pass for this even though I only had my veggies six out of the seven days.
  •  Chug water the way I use to; that means more than two bottles a day-PASS
  • Baggy entire head three times for the week-FAIL.Only did it once.
  • Cowash twice-PASS, actually did this three times because I only used conditioner in my hair after my hot oil treatment.
This week's intentions
  • Seeing that my hair is loving the co-wash,  I'll be shooting to do it between two to three times.
  • Time to push myself further and shoot for at least three bottles of water per day. Once upon a time this was no problem; I want to go back to that time.
  •  Scalp massage with oil mix every other day.
  •  Eat salad everyday.
  • Moisturize and seal as needed.