Sunday, October 21, 2012

How an unplanned trip led to a love affair!

One Sunday before the start of the current semester, while at home my cousin told me she was going to our local family dollar. I was bored and asked if I could go along. I decided that I would try and find something to use in my hair. That day I found Cantu Shea Butter leave in conditioning repair cream. Upon getting home I used it immediately. I used it to baggy, I used it in my pre-poo, I even used it in my deep conditioner!

I love how it makes my hair feel! I have seen where others haven't liked the results it's given them, but it works well for me. especially when I use it to baggy.

The only thing is, I am almost out because I am so heavy handed! I must replace it ASAP!

Belle Moi

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